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A woman gets a flat tire in the middle…
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A woman gets a flat tire in the middle of the traffic and no one helps her except a homeless man

January 26, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Anna Davidson and her husband live on the first floor of a building where there is also their cafe and coffee shop that she manages.

One day her husband, looking out the window, witnessed a scene that left him surprised and disturbed.

A woman had gotten a flat tire and despite her car blocking traffic, no one stopped to help her change the flat tire, or at least help her get out of the traffic!

That is, no one, except the last person she probably would have expected to give her a helping hand.

via: CTV News

looked out the window to see this happening. This is Chuck .. he's homeless and works his ass off helping every day in...

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At that exact moment, Davidson's husband was looking out of his apartment window and when he saw the scene on the street below it prompted him to take a picture.

In the middle of the traffic, a woman's car had stopped due to a flat tire. Despite the vehicle being an obstacle to the morning traffic, no one stopped to help her change the tire or at least clear the road.

The woman was at least as unpleasantly surprised as the man at the window by this unexpected scenario!

In the end, help came from a person who in the city, in Ogden, Utah is most likely not at all well seen—his name is Chuck and he is a homeless man.

Many people saw the woman in difficulty, and none of them stopped to offer help. Only Chuck came forward and resolved the problem by quickly changing the flat tire on her car.

Chuck is a homeless person and, like many others in his condition who live in his city, he is not well regarded.

During the American recession in 2008, the Davidson's had changed their prices by lowering them and this had attracted many homeless people to their coffee shop and the fact was not liked at all by some citizens who had become very annoyed.

However, Anne Davidson and her husband have a lot of respect and confidence in these people in difficulty and know how many of them are down on their luck but are still good-hearted people!

In fact, these homeless people demonstrate this much more often than many other people with a home, judging by what happened to the woman, who is the protagonist of this story!

By the way, Chuck helps out at the coffee shop, keeping the area clean and in order in exchange for a meal.

The next time we find ourselves judging a person by their apparent income and lifestyle, let's remember this story!


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