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He is in permanent remission after three…
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He is in permanent remission after three years of treatments for leukemia | His classmates applaud and celebrate


If life were really fair, those who have their whole life in front of them, especially children, would be spared certain experiences.

Instead, they too are sometimes diagnosed with diseases and when these children are cured and there is a happy ending these outcomes also deserve to be told!

A case in point is John Oliver, a 6-year-old boy who has spent half his life being treated for childhood leukemia and fortunately for him this disease has a very high remission rate (about 90%).

Consequently, in the end, the news came that everyone was waiting for—John had been cured and was in permanent remission!

Now, he was once again a healthy little boy! And his school congratulated him with a standing ovation!

John's medical treatment and chemotherapy to cure his leukemia began when he was only three years old.

His parents recount that they had discovered that John had leukemia quite by chance.

In fact, they had gone to the hospital after John had a slight blow to the head on the headboard of his bed and they noticed that the bruise did not go away.

So the doctors had John undergo various routine tests, but not suspecting anything serious, they sent him home with his parents.

However, later in the middle of the night, John's parents received a phone call from the doctors who told them to bring their child to the hospital immediately—the test results had arrived and John had acute lymphoblastic leukemia aka childhood leukemia.

Of course, John's family has always been close to him during his cycles of medical treatments, and the little boy was able to respond favorably and get cured of a disease that had suddenly taken away his serenity.

In fact, during those three years, John had received radiation, chemotherapy, and steroid treatments that put his body to the test but from which he was able to benefit enormously and get cured.

While undergoing treatment, John was still able to continue to go to school, studying at home or in the hospital when he was hospitalized and getting excellent grades.

When the magnificent news that everyone was waiting for came, which confirmed that John was in permanent remission, all his classmates and teachers knew they had to celebrate this event and him as a little hero.

And that is why everyone applauded him with pride when he walked down the school hallways. As a matter of fact, all children who undergo treatment for a disease can be considered to be brave little heroes!


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