This black woman has adopted three white children, and sometimes people confuse her for their babysitter -
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This black woman has adopted three white…
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This black woman has adopted three white children, and sometimes people confuse her for their babysitter


The story we are about to tell you contains some food for thought regarding how determination can help a person to achieve difficult goals, and how sometimes what seems like bias can still be present in some people.

The protagonist of this story is called Treka Engleman, a black American woman who has adopted three white children in search of a house and a family!

Of course, like for many adoptive parents, the process was not easy, and understandably, sometimes people thought that perhaps she was her children's babysitter due to their obvious ethnic differences.

Treka has always wanted to be able to adopt children, but she knew it wouldn't be easy at all since she was a single woman.

However, after some research, she discovered that, against all expectations, she had all the requisites to legally be able to take care of children who did not have a home.

One of the prerequisites for obtaining eligibility to offer foster care was to participate in a special course held by social workers in an orphanage.

At the end of the course, all participants are required to specify the characteristics of the children they willing to adopt or foster based on the child's age, gender, race, and nationality.

Although these are important questions for many adoptive or foster care parents, for Treka these questions were not important because for her these characteristics did not matter!

How could she make such distinctions when faced with a child without a family who was only asking to be loved as a child?

After successfully completing the course, Treka was informed that she could receive the call to start foster care from the orphanage at any moment.

Obviously, she was very nervous due to this being her first experience and she was anxiously waiting until she finally received a call!

At that moment, Treka was informed of the immediate need for foster care of an orphaned baby that could be entrusted to her.

And it was in this way, that Treka's dream came true—and Elijah Lee Hill, a 5-day-old baby boy, entered her life and her home!


The following year Treka again received a call from the orphanage and this time it was two sisters were looking for a foster family.

Treka, without hesitation, immediately made herself available to welcome them into her family, although this would mean that she had to look for a bigger house!

Now, the family was finally complete, but the adoption process was not yet over.

In fact, Treka, like all adoptive parents, had to face numerous obstacles to obtain the approval of the social workers, and also the curiosity of some people who saw them together.

Treka, in fact, admits to having found herself several times in situations in which some people have mistaken her for a babysitter.

But to those who have asked her, she has always answered with pride, "No, they are my children!".


Of course, such a story, full of love and determination could only have a happy ending!

In fact, Treka was allowed to adopt her three foster care children!

Moreover, the children declared that they had always been certain that they wanted to continue living with Treka—this kind and generous young woman, who had decided to fill her life by giving a home and a lot of love to children in need!

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