This young cat is affected by vitiligo | The images before and after its rare transformation -
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This young cat is affected by vitiligo…
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This young cat is affected by vitiligo | The images before and after its rare transformation

February 08, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The protagonist of this incredible story is a woman called Nicole who lives in Germany.

In 2016, she had gone to a local farm, and while she was there, suddenly she had noticed two kittens hiding inside an old dilapidated barn.

Both of the kittens were in poor condition, but Nicole decided, in any case, to take them home with her.

Eventually, Nicole became so fond of the two kittens that she kept them permanently and decided to call them Elli and Rosie.

via: Metro UK
image: Instagram

Several months later, Nicole began to notice a small white spot on Elli's black fur—a curious spot that she had never seen there before ...

At first, Nicole thought it could be some kind of dirt or liquid. But then these white spots started to appear more frequently and started to spread rather quickly all over Elli's black fur ...

image: Instagram

Alarmed, Nicole went to her trusted veterinarian where she learned that Elli had a rare condition called vitiligo. This is a non-serious pathology that affects the skin.

Vitiligo occurs when pigment-producing cells die or stop producing melanin and consequently, the hair or fur of animals gradually becomes lighter or white ...

image: Instagram

But fortunately, Elli's condition, although very rare for a feline, is not serious and will not compromise the cat's health in the future.

On the contrary, in fact, as Nicole has affirmed several times when Ellie is sitting beside the "pitch black" Rosie, now Ellie seems to resemble more and more ... a snow owl!

image: Instagram

But it does not really matter, because now Ellie is slowly turning into an extraordinary cat with her own unique characteristics and colors!

In fact, despite her vitiligo, Elli is one of the rarest and most fascinating cats that can be found on our planet, and Nicole is proud to be her owner!

Don't you also find this feline specimen to be unique and fascinating?

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