Neighbors hear sounds of female screams…
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Neighbors hear sounds of female screams and call the police, but it was only a mischievous parrot

January 14, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Anybody, at some point, can happen to have noisy neighbors.

Living in a condominium - but also in an independent house - it is not rare that people around us can cause unpleasant inconveniences.

From loud music; to walking around the house with noisy footwear; to dogs barking loudly in the middle of the night—such experiences are very common unless you live in an isolated environment.

And sometimes the frustration and exasperation caused by the noises emitted by neighbors reach such a level that the police are called.

A case in point is what happened in Palm Beach, Florida, where what was reported to the police as a possible domestic violence situation was actually a very funny misunderstanding!

via: Today

It was a quiet day like any other in a residential neighborhood in the city of  Palm Beach when suddenly the quiet was disrupted by what seemed to be very loud and frightful female screams.

Thus, a worried citizen thought that he should call the police, precisely because he thought he had heard a woman who was desperately asking for help.

His neighbor, the owner of the house where the mysterious screams came from, was unaware of anything and was in his driveway fixing his wife's car when he saw four policemen approaching him.

When asked about the origin of the frightful screams, the man, calm and amused, simply replied: "I will bring out the screamer to you!"

At that point, the police made a hilarious discovery! It was not a woman in difficulty who was making those desperate screams, but a wonderful 40-year-old parrot named Rambo.

That's right! In fact, the man went into his house and immediately came back out with a large parrot perched on his arm. And the parrot greeted the police agents with a friendly "hello" that sounded decidedly more like a human voice than an animal.

In fact, parrots are birds that have incredible communication skills and, for those who have never heard one before, it is very easy to mistake parrots for human beings.

And that is exactly what happened in Palm Beach and what initially presented itself as a potentially dangerous domestic violence situation turned out to be a colossal and hilarious misunderstanding.

Everything was filmed by a surveillance camera mounted in the man's garden. The video was shared on YouTube and the episode was also recounted on Facebook by the Palm Beach police themselves.

We hope that the parrot, named Rambo, after this episode, will no longer have the opportunity to scream and "ask for help", upsetting the whole neighborhood!

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