This brave border collie saved her owner's flock of sheep from a dangerous bushfire in Australia -
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This brave border collie saved her owner's…
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This brave border collie saved her owner's flock of sheep from a dangerous bushfire in Australia


A heroic female border collie rounded up a large flock of sheep and pushed and lead them away from a wall of fire that had turned toward her owner's farm in Australia.

This brave and hard-working dog named Patsy, and its owner, fought the wildfires on New Year's Eve 2019 as they flared up in the rural city of Corryong in Victoria, Australia.

Although the wildfires were steadily moving closer to the property grounds, the man and his dog ventured outside to make sure the sheep were as safe as possible.

via: Metro UK

Cath Hill, the border collie owner's sister, shared images of the "Patsy the Wonder dog" on social media platforms.

In her post, she wrote that Patsy helped gather the grazing flock and direct it to the closest and safest nearby hill to protect the sheep from the flames, before returning to the front lines to fight the fire.

Thanks to Patsy and her owner's hard work almost all the sheep were saved from the looming fire, as well as the precious bales of hay and silage, the shearing sheds, and both farmhouses on the Hill property.

The border collie video has been shared more than 5,000 times since Cath uploaded it online, so she is also taking advantage of the opportunity to ask for donations to help fight the bushfire crisis on the Australian continent.

GoFundMe pages have been created to help local areas in this dramatic moment, while larger charities such as the Australian Red Cross are also receiving donations not only from across the nation but also from around the world ...


A heroic gesture that not only has been seen around the world on the Internet obtaining success and popularity, but it was an event that also tried to "narrate" with images, the tragedy of the bushfires in Australia from an unprecedented point of view.


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