At the age of five, she is finally cured of leukemia and when she returns to school, they all organize a huge party for her -
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At the age of five, she is finally cured…
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At the age of five, she is finally cured of leukemia and when she returns to school, they all organize a huge party for her


Becoming cured of leukemia at the age of five is a big accomplishment, which deserves to be celebrated properly.

It is one of those events that we would always like to see on the front pages of newspapers and magazines!

A very happy ending that we would like to wish for all those children who fight every day against a very serious disease.

This time it was Annabelle Hearn, a little 5-year-old heroine who was able to return to school after being cured of leukemia.

Moreover, the entire school organized a fantastic "welcome back" party for her—complete with the school band!

This inspiring story happened in Little Rock, Arkansas, where Annabelle's teacher organized a school party to celebrate the little girl's successful and complete recovery.

It is one of those celebrations that is reserved only for those who have bravely endured the long months of treatments and challenges associated with being cured of this very dangerous disease - just like Annabelle did, at only five years of age.

“It's over, we can't believe it. It was a nightmare, but God is merciful," said Lindy, Annabelle's mother, with tears in her eyes.

Tammy Perkins, who is Annabelle's kindergarten teacher, decided to celebrate the important day of Annabelle's return to school with a beautiful "welcome back" party complete with the school band and football cheerleaders!

This type of celebration is usually seen only during very important events, such as the Super Bowl.

"We were really surprised. It was surreal, these people supported us during the most difficult stages of the journey and filled us with love. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart," said Lindy, the little girl's mother.

This little girl was welcomed back to school as a true champion - exactly what she deserves for all the courage that she, together with her family, has shown.


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