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He and she are l06 and 105, respectively…
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He and she are l06 and 105, respectively and married for 80 years, the longest living spouses in the world

December 23, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Many people know what it means to find someone to share everything in life for a long, long time.

If the right person enters our life, then it will be wonderful and indispensable to have them participate in everything we do, our projects, our expectations, our joys, and our sorrows.

John and Charlotte Henderson, two spouses who can truly say they have spent a long life together, know this very well. But what exactly is so unusual about them?

Well, not only their ages - 106 and 105 respectively - but also the fact that they have set a truly remarkable Guinness World Record.

via: CNN

In fact, their marriage has lasted for 80 years!

That's right: the two passed their golden 50th wedding anniversary 30 years ago and have now entered the Guinness World Records as the oldest living married couple in the world.

The sum total of their ages is 211 for these two sprightly centenarians from Texas, who celebrated their special anniversary with a big party in the retirement home where they live.

To celebrate, John took Charlotte for a ride in a 1920s convertible automobile, just as he did on their first date.

Texas husband John 106 and wife Charlotte 105 are officially named as the oldest living couple in the world as they prepare to celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary. Longhorn Village Retirement Community

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Eight decades of marriage also means that they have met many people, who have not missed the opportunity to celebrate the life and union of these two living witnesses of history and the way people experienced love in the past.

Moreover, thanks to their great-grandson Jason, the couple was able to enter the Guinness World Records. Jason has also called attention to the extraordinary kindness, tranquility, and friendliness of the elderly couple.


And these are precisely, according to 106-year-old John, three of the secrets to living a long life and having a happy marriage, in full respect of your partner.

After all, the world can change a lot in 80 years, but the ingredients for stable and wonderful relationships like that of these two spouses are always the same.

All that remains is to wish Charlotte and John the blessing of continuing to their life together with love and serenity.

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