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She is 2m tall, he is 1.60m: "as soon as I met him, I realized he was special and my height didn't scare him off"

Are there any rules to follow when choosing a life partner? Obviously not. The only determining factor is one's heart and this is not something that can be controlled. Most people not to fixate too…

Man turns 100 and beats all records with his 84-year-long career at the same company (+ VIDEO)

Everyone in life tries to do everything possible to practice the profession they prefer. Whatever it is, when you can pursue the job of your dreams or, one for which you feel most suited, your weariness decreases…

He and she are l06 and 105, respectively and married for 80 years, the longest living spouses in the world

Many people know what it means to find someone to share everything in life for a long, long time. If the right person enters our life, then it will be wonderful and indispensable to have them participate…

She arrived at 122 years of age in top form! Here are all the secrets of the oldest woman in recorded history!

Who wouldn't want to have an elixir of long life? The person who we want to talk about today did not drink any magic potion, but still managed to prolong her existence for a total of 122 years! Born…
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A woman hosts a stray chihuahua to give birth; the next day, the dog gives birth to 11 puppies

The story of this Chihuahua dog called LOL, logically speaking should make people laugh. But although her name means "laughing out loud£, we are convinced that rather than laughing, the people who had…

At 90, she still performs four operations per day! She is the oldest surgeon in the world!

Retirement is not a stage in life that everyone is happy about, either because their daily routine changes dramatically, or because sometimes they feel that they are still perfectly capable of carrying…

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