She is 2m tall, he is 1.60m: "as soon as I met him, I realized he was special and my height didn't scare him off"

Are there any rules to follow when choosing a life partner? Obviously not. The only determining factor is one's heart and this is not something that can be controlled. Most people not to fixate too…

Man turns 100 and beats all records with his 84-year-long career at the same company (+ VIDEO)

Everyone in life tries to do everything possible to practice the profession they prefer. Whatever it is, when you can pursue the job of your dreams or, one for which you feel most suited, your weariness decreases…

He and she are l06 and 105, respectively and married for 80 years, the longest living spouses in the world

Many people know what it means to find someone to share everything in life for a long, long time. If the right person enters our life, then it will be wonderful and indispensable to have them participate…

She arrived at 122 years of age in top form! Here are all the secrets of the oldest woman in recorded history!

Who wouldn't want to have an elixir of long life? The person who we want to talk about today did not drink any magic potion, but still managed to prolong her existence for a total of 122 years! Born…
Record Stories Women

A woman hosts a stray chihuahua to give birth; the next day, the dog gives birth to 11 puppies

The story of this Chihuahua dog called LOL, logically speaking should make people laugh. But although her name means "laughing out loud£, we are convinced that rather than laughing, the people who had…

At 90, she still performs four operations per day! She is the oldest surgeon in the world!

Retirement is not a stage in life that everyone is happy about, either because their daily routine changes dramatically, or because sometimes they feel that they are still perfectly capable of carrying…

"Dragon Hole" in the China Sea is now the world's deepest blue hole!

Dragon Hole looks like a huge, intensely blue hole in the middle of the Chinese Sea, and has been proclaimed the world's deepest blue hole, surpassing the record set by Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.…
Nature Record Sea

Taekondo Teen Champion wins world record!

This sixteen-year-old Bosnian named Kerim Ahmetspahic is a martial arts athlete, more specifically a Taekwondo teen champion. On this occasion, Kerim, was put to the test during a live exhibition that…

Hair like this you have rarely seen before!

We see at first that this woman's hair is collected and held at the back of her head in a bun. Then, it is revealed that her hair is actually long, but it is only at the end that you will understand that…

Who is the oldest active gymnast In the world? Johanna Quaas!

Johanna Quaas is an artistic gymnastics champion, a title that so far she has been awarded eleven times! However, her incredible uniqueness lies in the fact that she was born in 1925, and after a quick…

One of the longest trains in the world!

Most of us only know the characteristics of passenger trains, but do you know how trains that transport goods look and how long they can be? We can give you a clear idea with this video! Just think that…

Discover what not getting a haircut for 50 years looks like! :)

How much time has passed since the last time you cut your hair? Certainly not as much as for this man, who has not cut his hair for 50 years! No one has ever contacted him to certify the authenticity…

Incredible New York Uber taxi ride -- 240 GREEN LIGHTS!

Noah Forman is an Uber taxi cab driver in Manhattan and just like all his colleagues, he spends most of the day in his service vehicle, immersed in traffic. Driving without having to stop at the many…
Cars Record

A rare sighting of a mysterious GHOST SHARK!

You have to dive deep into the ocean, where the sun's rays do not arrive, in order to find ghost sharks. They have lived on this planet Earth for millions of years, even before the dinosaurs. Their characteristics…

See a super robot solve a Rubik cube!

They built a robot with the clear intention of beating the previous record for solving a Rubik's cube set by another robot at 0.89 seconds. Therefore, the Infineon Technologies company filmed the very…

It may seem like a normal horse, but when he comes out of the stable you will be shocked

The name of this magnificent horse says it all: Big Jake, and is so named because of his size that has earned him the world record for tallest horse. At birth he weighed 109 kilograms and today leaves…

A man dives in one of the deepest pools in the world. AWESOME !

This amazing pool, is in Brussels (Belgium) and has been for years the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world until the opening of another one in Padova (Italy). Its depth is 34.5 meters with a capacity…
Record Swimming Wtf

World record for distance jump with a car

The longest jump ever made with a car ... Very impressive!
Cars Jumps Motors Record

The smallest dog in the world

This dog is tall as a can of coke, it is the smallest terrier doggie of the world and only 12cm long.

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