This stray dog ​​remained all night beside an elderly man with Alzheimer's who was lost and confused -
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This stray dog ​​remained all night…
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This stray dog ​​remained all night beside an elderly man with Alzheimer's who was lost and confused


We will never tire of telling stories that have wonderful dogs as protagonists.

For their qualities, their characteristics, and their attitudes, these animals instinctively know how to give human beings so much, while asking for almost nothing in return.

The unconditional affection that they embody and demonstrate is something unique, and it is not just about what they give to the people who accept them into their family, but also about the help they can give to absolute strangers in difficulty.

This is exactly what happened to Francisco, a 75-year-old man with Alzheimer's, who had gotten lost and confused and could no longer understand where he was.

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Os dejamos esta historia con final feliz que ha ocurrido en Borriana durante esta madrugada.🐕👮‍♂️ Agentes de la Policía...

Pubblicato da Ajuntament de Borriana su Venerdì 31 agosto 2018

When this incident occurred Francisco was on vacation with his family in Burriana, a town on the eastern coast of Spain, and due to Alzheimer's, he had lost his bearings and was unable to retrace his steps.

Francisco's family and relatives, alarmed by the elderly man's absence, immediately alerted the police.

The search for him went on for hours until the next morning, when a police patrol finally found him, in the company of a wonderful stray dog that had remained close to him all night.

The stray dog, evidently, after perceiving Francisco's discomfort, did not leave the elderly man and apparently had stayed by his side, keeping him company and warming the man with the heat of its body in the coldest hours of the night.

¡Magnífica noticia! Final feliz para la perra que cuidó a un enfermo de #alzheimer desaparecido en #Castellón que ha...

Pubblicato da Hermandad San Antonio Abad de Valencia su Martedì 4 settembre 2018

When the paramedics were putting the Francisco into the ambulance, the stray dog refused to leave the elderly man who was obviously still very confused and cold.

The police officers and medical workers, trying to resolve the situation, decided to call a local animal shelter, so that the dog could be picked up and looked after.

However, this four-legged angel and benefactor never entered the animal shelter! In fact, after having learned of what had happened, Francisco's family immediately decided to adopt the dog.

They decided to do this so that the dog could have a home and also continue to be close to Francisco.

Furthermore, it was clear that Francisco and the dog had already established a close bond and that the dog would give him its pure and unconditional affection, as only a loyal and loving dog can do.

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