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He touched the snow with one little…
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He touched the snow with one little paw and that was enough, now this dog hates the cold and refuses to leave the house


When does winter get too cold for a dog? For Norman ― a cute little dog, but with a strong personality ― it was enough to put one paw outside the front door, to understand that he would not be trying that again any time soon!

In fact, Norman is the type of dog that loves to wander around the house, letting the whole family know what he wants at all times.

Moreover, his favorite pastime is curling up under a warm blanket and coming out from his hiding place only to eat his preferred snacks and drink some water!

via: The Dodo
image: Denise White

Furthermore, with the arrival of winter, Norman, literally just rolls around all day in his warm blanket, with no desire to do anything else.

After a recent snowstorm, his human "mom", Denise White, dared to disturb Norman and try to get him out of his comfortable hiding place to take him out for a walk.

image: Denise White

Once the door was open, Norman put his nose out to look around and, after a while, he took his first step on to the snow.

This was enough! The single imprint of one of his little paws on the snowy ground testifies to Norman's courage in even trying to go outside on such a cold day.

And, of course, the little dog immediately ran back inside the house without thinking twice!

image: Denise White

Since then, Norman's family has tried to take him outside several times, but his position about this has left no doubt!

Clearly, he prefers the warm and welcoming atmosphere that he enjoys inside the house, to the cold and icy snow (that has nothing welcoming about it at all!).

Finally, to get Norman to even come out of the house, Denise's husband had to clear the snow off the driveway. "He didn't go outside until my husband had completely cleared the entire driveway," said Denise.

image: Denise White

What can be said, other than, Norman is a little dog who knows what he wants and now his family knows that snow is definitely not what floats his boat!

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