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Whenever this baby's hearing aid is…
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Whenever this baby's hearing aid is turned on and she hears her mother's voice, she smiles like it was the first time

December 14, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The smile of a little baby is the most beautiful and moving smile you can receive, especially if it is a loving smile given by a baby to his or her parents.

Unfortunately, there are babies born with hearing defects and, as in the case of this video, they need to use a small hearing aid in order to be able to hear.

An example is little Georgina Addison who was born without the ability to hear, right from the start, the voices of her parents and you can only imagine the newborn baby's discomfort!

Thanks to a special hearing aid, however, Georgina was suddenly able to hear sounds that must have been to her like a sweet melody - that is, to say, her mother's voice.

From the video, you can easily understand the infinite joy that the little baby must have felt (but also her parents!) in finally being able to hear with her own ears the world that surrounds her.

In the video shared on Twitter by her parents, Paul and Louise, we can hear a very brief sound at the exact moment when the hearing aid is turned on.

Then we see a brief startled movement by little Georgina before she starts laughing and smiling at the sound of her mother's voice.

It is a morning routine that fills both hearts with joy. Every time, it is like the first time because each time,  Georgina instantly turns on a smile, as soon as she hears her mother's voice. The way the little baby becomes extremely happy as soon as she hears her is extraordinary.

The couple discovered their first little daughter's hearing problems shortly after her birth. They immediately, as soon as the first audiological tests revealed the problem, turned to a specialist.

Obviously, this is invariably a stressful time for a parent. "Receiving this kind of news is always difficult." Said the child's father, Paul - "However, we focused on the practical aspects of the situation and did our best to stay positive."

And obviously, the final results are very positive! As can be seen by the infinite joy that Georgina displays when she hears the voices of her parents, which is a reaction that is simply wonderful to see!


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