She lives for 2 years in a car with her dogs and the whole community mobilizes to provide her with a new home -
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She lives for 2 years in a car with…
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She lives for 2 years in a car with her dogs and the whole community mobilizes to provide her with a new home

December 16, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We often realize that around us the gestures of pure goodness and humanity may seem to be less and less and that it is often hard to find people willing to help others from the heart and only for the pleasure of doing so.

However, this is not always true, and fortunately, the world does not lack opportunities and people ready to prove it.

Jennifer Husband-Elsier and Melissa Akacha are an example. These two friends, with their interest in organizing concrete activities of solidarity, have managed to change, for the better,  the life of a person who really needed their help.

image: WBUR/YouTube

Lynn Schutzman is a 70-year-old former pharmacist who, after her husband's death, contracted several medical pathologies for which she did not have the economic funds needed for medical treatment.

Thus, from a normal life, her existence has become one of hardship and difficulty, so much so that her economic hardships no longer allowed her to pay her rent.

For this reason, Lynn was forced to gather her belongings and live with her two dogs in her car, settling in a parking lot in Philadelphia.

This is where Jennifer and Melissa found her, visibly in difficulty, despite her claiming the opposite. The two, however, did not give up and decided to investigate the woman's situation.

Upon learning of her past, they discovered that Schutzman had no children or other family members to turn to for help. Therefore, after her husband's death, she had been left, suddenly, alone and without a home.

In the previous two years, Lynn had lived like this, without being able to go to a homeless structure because none of them ever have accepted the presence of her inseparable dogs.

Melissa and Jennifer then decided that the time had come to take concrete action. They created a GoFundMe page specifically for those wishing to donate to Lynn, and that's when things started to look much better for Lynn.

image: WBUR/YouTube

In fact, the two women, with their initiative were able to raise $30,000 USD (€27,000 EUR), a sum that was immediately used to rent a nice studio apartment where the woman and her two four-legged friends would stay.

The donations were enough to allow Lynn to have the rent paid for a full 2 ​​years and during this time she will still receive the help she needs from her community.

The woman's happiness and gratitude are clearly visible in her reaction when she first entered her new home and could not hold back her tears of joy. Among the people who helped her, there were also those who offered furniture and household furnishings.

After a happy life and a satisfying career as a pharmacist and then experiencing a very difficult period in her life, now, Lynn can smile again!

This is because she knows that in the world there are people who she has met that have become close to her that she can count on. And hopefully, her homeless experience can soon become just a bad memory.

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