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21 entertaining photos show that having…
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21 entertaining photos show that having a cat at home can be a very demanding job

December 15, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you have a four-legged feline friend at home, you know that they are not only extraordinary pets but also very challenging animals for their human owners.

Every owner loves his or her own cat, but they also know that having a cat at home is like having a member of their family who is rather demanding, unpredictable, and totally insane.

This gallery of amateur photos found on the Internet, reveals how these four-legged feline friends are adorable but also often truly uncontrollable pets!

A cat that does the exact opposite! It scratches the sofa but sits on the scratching post ...

We had just finished decorating this Christmas tree 5 minutes earlier ...


He keeps his owner company in the bathroom early in the morning ...

No, it is not part of the home decor ... or is it?

He's staring at you ...


Someone took "a stroll" on a freshly baked cake!

No, that was definitely not the idea!


A very scary presence emerging from the window blinds!

"It wasn't me!"


Yes, unfortunately, it was the cat that pushed over the TV support stand.

A cat that has a future in the art of hairdressing!

"Excuse me, this space is reserved."

image: syan22/Reddit

My cat's expression when I tried to take my laptop back.

How to reuse old empty plastic containers.

"I watched a mouse eat my food and I did NOTHING."

"I said, no practicing music at home!"

Yet we had bought him a new, soft, and warm cat bed ...

My cat's favorite place to sit or nap is on top of my clean clothes!

My clock alarm at 6 am is not electronic, it is feline and the sound it makes is "Meoooow!"

This is why I wake up frequently at night ...

"This packaged sliced ​​bread is really soft ... and lovely to sit on!"

These unruly feline friends are truly hopeless!

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