This girl saved a foal (baby donkey) and then she adopted it as a pet -
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This girl saved a foal (baby donkey)…
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This girl saved a foal (baby donkey) and then she adopted it as a pet


Many people have come across a dog or a cat in distress, perhaps abandoned on the side of the road or in obvious danger.

Certainly, in those moments an instinct can be triggered that prompts us to take care of these animals that have undergone traumatic experiences.

Consequently, it is not uncommon for us to stop and pick them up and to take them with us or take them to a veterinary facility or animal refuge center for treatment.

Now think if, instead of the usual little dog or kitten, you happen to find yourself in front of ... a baby donkey aka foal?!

via: The Dodo

This is what happened to 17-year-old Peyton Dankworth who, thanks to one of her friends, who first found the baby donkey, she was able to have a very rare and particular "domestic" animal as her special pet.

This pet is actually a very young donkey, found by the girl's friend while she was out riding her horse. The girl had then called Peyton, who immediately ran to see what it was all about.

The poor animal was evidently undernourished, and would not have lasted very long without the care it needed.

Thus, Peyton immediately activated herself to save him, trying to do everything she could to nourish him and stimulate the baby donkey's vital functions.

Despite the considerable efforts made by the 17-year-old, however, at first, the little donkey did not seem to respond to Peyton's caring and loving administrations.


Without giving up, Peyton continued, and finally, Jack (as the cute little animal was named) managed to start to eat again and regain the strength to walk.

After this very emotional rescue, the little donkey became in effect the girl's beloved pet. Every day, as soon as possible, the 17-year-old plays with him and takes him and her dogs outside in nature for long walks.

Needless to say, Jack is now a true member of the family, just as a cat or dog would be.

The difference here is that he is a donkey, but in the end, this is only a detail, because the love he receives is just as great as it would be for any sweet and defenseless animal.

So much as to push Peyton to decide to dedicate her life to the care of animals in distress.

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