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This wild donkey jumps, runs, and wags his tail just like a dog when his human friend returns home

Who said that only a dog can behave ... like a dog? Of course, man's best friends are called that precisely because they manage to give us unique emotions, in an empathetic and unconditional way. Yet…

This girl saved a foal (baby donkey) and then she adopted it as a pet

Many people have come across a dog or a cat in distress, perhaps abandoned on the side of the road or in obvious danger. Certainly, in those moments an instinct can be triggered that prompts us to take…

These cute little donkeys will be the sweetest thing you'll see today

We do not know what is your level of confidence and knowledge of donkeys, but after seeing this photo gallery of donkeys you'll want to find out more.  A donkey is usually considered to be an obtuse…

Oh, well ... you live and you LEARN! :)

Faced with a perplexing problem, there are those who need more time to reflect, those who insist on trying a particular solution even if it is clear that it does not work, and then there are those who,…

A donkey reacts to a woman playing the violin!

Probably this donkey had never heard the sound of a violin before. The animal's reaction to its first experience left the violinist speechless! When the violinist starts playing a melody, the donkey decides…

A baby donkey approaches her --- the girl cannot believe what happens next!

All baby animals are indiscriminately adorable, even those who you would never suspect! Apparently, however, baby donkeys can demonstrate levels of tenderness that are almost unbearable for most of us.…

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