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Oh, well ... you live and you LEARN!…
Discover a fluffy and Tasty Japanese Cheesecake! A smart kid shows us how he ties his shoelaces!

Oh, well ... you live and you LEARN! :)


Faced with a perplexing problem, there are those who need more time to reflect, those who insist on trying a particular solution even if it is clear that it does not work, and then there are those who, perhaps, have already faced the same problem and know how to solve it.

For this group of donkeys, the question is how to get out of the gated enclosure and there is one donkey who repeatedly tries to figure out a way to physically break down the barrier!

However, there is another donkey who seeing the first donkey's failed attempts, reveals that it is the expert in this situation, and almost with a swagger, removes one of the fence rails freeing the others. Enjoy!

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