Infant with cerebral palsy walks and…
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Infant with cerebral palsy walks and hugs his twin brother for the first time

July 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The bond between brothers is something magical and indescribable that can be the source of real miracles: twins Lex and Lochlan are a prime example of this. These two infants were born extremely premature and have had to struggle with life from their very first day. Yet their affection is so great, that they face every challenge together with a smile and with love. In a video shared on social media, their mom described the long recovery process the two infants went through, especially Lochlan: the little one developed cerebral palsy that affects his muscles and, therefore, his ability to move his body. But Lochlan is a true fighter and didn't let his disability stop him from hugging his brother for the first time.

The beautiful moment when Lochlan takes his first steps towards his brother's arms was filmed in a touching video. Savannah began documenting her journey with the premature twins in the hospital's ICU on Instagram and TikTok as a way to express her emotions, but also to connect with other parents who are dealing with similar situations and emotions. The clip has garnered over 5 million views and touch the whole internet: "It was challenging because we also had a two-year-old daughter to take care of," said the young mother.

"Whenever I entered the ICU, the first thing I did was look at each twin's progress whiteboard. The nurses updated it every day with notes, weight gain or loss, growth, incidents, medications and any other important medical information. Of all the information listed, however, the first change I looked for were the words 'days of life' (which showed how many days the twins had continued to live). After examing the board, I would sit down and open an old notebook I had found lying around the house," Savannah explained in a long Instagram post.

"I opened a new page and in big letters on the left I wrote the name 'Lochlan', my eldest twin. On the opposite page, I wrote 'Lex', my other son. Under each child's name I wrote 'Days of Life' and the number. I also wrote down the details of weight gain or loss, the current oxygen requirement and everything that was happening to them at that time," the mother continued.

At the time, Savannah had no idea what that notebook represented. “One day, a nurse caught me off guard and asked me,“ What are you writing?” At first I felt a little embarrassed. For her, I thought, the data I was writing down probably didn't have much use, since she tracked the vitals all day, every day. When I started explaining what I was doing, I began to understand how important the data was to me. In particular, the Days of Life weren't just numbers, they were an affirmation of life."


In fact, every single number meant that the children were still in the land of the living and that they were still fighting: "In a time when I couldn't just feed my babies or even touch them, this notebook made me feel like I was doing something. It became my lifeline and the only thing that gave me purpose. Whenever I picked it up to write in it, I was forced to remind myself that I was, in fact, a mother of two brave warriors. " And even today, every day, these two little warriors still make her smile...


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