A baby with Down Syndrome loves his…
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A baby with Down Syndrome loves his newborn baby sister so much that he can't stand being separated from her for too long

April 22, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

A child's laughter is really a magical thing. It's often times enough to make anyone's day brighter, no matter how dark and gloomy it was before. Let's take baby Brooks as an example; nothing cheers his parents up more than seeing him smile and hear his laughter when he gets to sit next to his newborn baby sister, Collyns. 

Before Collyns was born, Brooks's parents were worried that he might react badly toward the arrival of his new baby sister. As a child with down syndrome, Brooks is use to receiving a lot of attention not only from his parents but the rest of his family. It didn't take long for everyone to realize how much Brooks loved his baby sister. In fact, everytime he sees Collyns, Brooks bursts into laughter. 

Brooks's laughter is so precious that his parents, Logan and Ashley, couldn't help but film and post it on social media. In the video, Brooks is resting in Logan's left arm. When Ashley puts Collyns in Logan's right arm, Brooks can't contain his laighter. First, his eyes light up real big, then he bursts into laughter. His laughter doesn't last long when Ashley takes Collyns out of Logan's arm. Once Collyns is gone, Brooks begins crying. Ashley finally gives into Brooks's cries and returns Collyns to Logan's right arm and Brooks is smiley and giggly once again. 


Try not to smile when you watch this!

I think Brooks likes baby Collyns!!

Pubblicato da Logan Williams su Lunedì 16 marzo 2020



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