In class, there is a deaf child and his classmate translates Little Red Riding Hood for him in sign language -
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In class, there is a deaf child and…
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In class, there is a deaf child and his classmate translates Little Red Riding Hood for him in sign language


At a normal school for children without disabilities, it can happen that some social dynamics exclude some children in the class if they have disabilities and sometimes these children can feel that they are being judged negatively and subjected to discrimination.

Moreover, not having friends, and being treated unfairly by schoolmates is a traumatic event for every child, with or without a disability, that can have long-term effects.

Fortunately, this does not always happen, and it is often due to the teachers who manage to create a collaborative environment among all the members of a class.

In this Brazilian elementary class, there is a deaf child who can definitely say that he has some very special classmates. In fact, one of them offered to translate for him in sign language, the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood" that the teacher was reading aloud.

Edilson dos Santos is a Brazilian teacher, as well as the author of the video that has received thousands of views on Facebook.

In the video, that was filmed during a lesson, you see a child making gestures directed toward another child, who occasionally responds with more gestures.

What is happening is a great example of scholastic inclusion. In fact, the child on the right is deaf, which is why his classmate is translating in sign language the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood", that the teacher is reading aloud.

We do not know if the young boy's intent to "translate" the story is truly successful, but at least the attempt to make the deaf child participate in the class reading is appreciable.

Children have a sensitivity that emerges in the most unlikely moments and in the most sincere ways.

In fact, by communicating, with gestures that perhaps were not perfect, the little student transmitted an even more important message than the fairytale itself!

Actually, he was telling his friend that he is not alone and that there are others in the class who care about him.

A scene from which we can see the good results produced by their respective parents and teachers.

Meu aluno do Pré II (5 anos) "traduzindo" a história da CHAPEUZINHO VERMELHO para o amiguinho surdo...❤️❤️

Pubblicato da Edilson Dos Santos su Venerdì 22 novembre 2019

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