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Every day this stag deer visits a lonely…
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Every day this stag deer visits a lonely elderly lady and ​​a wonderful friendship is born

December 08, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Some people when they see a big stag deer imagine a beautiful trophy, but for this elderly lady from Aurland, Norway, the presence of the animal was rather an auspicious sign of hope.

At the age of 81 and after her husband's death, Mette Kvam thought she would spend the rest of her days alone in her isolated mountain home.

Instead, despite the forced solitude, Mette began to receive unexpected visits day after day. These visits are made every day by a stag deer who approaches one of the windows of her house.

The result of these daily visits is that a kind of special friendship was born between the two.

Experts usually recommend never approaching deer.

Although deer are magnificent and appear to be kind creatures, they can significantly hurt a person.

But for Mette, that warning does not matter very much. A poor single widow, in a house surrounded by only snow ... why should she worry about possible risks?

Seeing the handsome stag deer with his impressive horns, she couldn't help but fall in love with him. For her, he did not represent a wild and dangerous animal, but a kind living being.

So, one day Mette decided to give him something to eat.

One fine day, Mette pulled out a loaf of bread and leaned out of the window, waiting for her friend the deer.

When he arrived, the animal began to stretch its neck upwards to reach the window from which the elderly woman handed him a piece of bread.

The deer did not get scared at all and took the piece of bread directly from Mette's hand, slowly and gently.

If you are going to feed a stag deer every day, then, at the very least you need to give it a name.

In fact, the woman chose to call him Flippen. After that first meeting, she was not sure if the deer would return... but it did.


The woman also gave him a name: Flippen

Every day Flippen approaches Mette's window and waits for his favorite food.

From that first moment, in reality, the deer returned to visit the woman not once but twice a day.

During a hike in the mountains, another woman named Britt managed to immortalize with her smartphone the wonderful interaction between Mette and her stag deer "friend". (Here is the video).

Consequently, Mette today no longer feels alone and loves to receive Flippen's visits every day ... what a wonderful friendship!


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