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20 photos that confirm how much our…
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20 photos that confirm how much our pet cats have a strange sense of humor

December 03, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

You will never get bored if you have a cat at home.

Say goodbye to all those common prejudices about these beautiful cats! It is not true that they are indifferent, cold, and calculating, they are simply very ... intriguing!

Yet in the great effort that comes from trying to keep up with a cat, the owners of these fascinating four-legged friends always find ways to make us smile at their cat's clever and entertaining attitudes or funny positions.

And this exhilarating gallery of cat images definitely proves their point!

Who knows what happened to that sausage that was there a moment ago ...

If we could, we would explain this strange phenomenon .. but we just can't!


My cat messed up a single part of my window shades .. never realized why until just now!

image: cbugg/Reddit

The decoy keyboard is working!

This is my cat ... but this is not my house.


Who could that be under the sheets ...? Surprise!

Usually, my cat wakes me up every morning ... but this morning I woke HER up!


My cat is very popular due to her natural winged eyeliner makeup!

My goodness! Has science gone too far?


Here's what a loving couple relationship should look like!

My cat watching TV with my mom ... simply hilarious!

My cats are chasing a dragonfly. Notice anything... symmetrical?

Disguising itself ... and doing it quite well.

That cat isn't exactly part of that environment, is it?

The detail of the paws? They are actually toes - with claws!

Some think that my cat is very fat, but in reality ... it has very fluffy fur!

I put a heating pad under the cat's bed. Little did I know the war I just started. To the victor goes the warm spot!

To hunt a squirrel, you must first become a squirrel!

Who cares about that "Pet Sematary " nonsense.

A once-in-a-lifetime photo that I snapped in Egypt. Talk about perfect symmetry ...

There is absolutely nothing to be done ... our feline friends are truly irreplaceable!

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