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Abandoned by its owners because it was…
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Abandoned by its owners because it was sick, this puppy is now reborn thanks to the affection and care of a young woman


We will never cease to be touched by the stories of defenseless animals abused, abandoned or that have been born with disabilities.

Simply, one cannot remain indifferent to creatures who, from life, have had little or nothing, and who still, in one way or another, manage to recover and find a much better existence.

A case in point is what happened to Terra, a little female puppy dog that was suffering from mange (a serious skin pathology) and was found in critical condition.

Not only with regards to her health but also because the family that had adopted her as their pet evidently had abandoned her, when the first symptoms of this skin pathology appeared.

via: Metro
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When Terra was found she was covered with sores, frightened, and had lost most of her fur due to the inflammation generated by the parasites that cause mange and that most commonly attack dogs.

Furthermore, the beautiful puppy also had to suffer the trauma of being alone, with no one to take care of her.

Mange, in fact, is a degenerative disease, but from which dogs, with appropriate and timely treatments, can completely recover.

Fortunately, Terra was at the facility where 21-year-old Jessie DeFreitas, a Sussex veterinary assistant, works, who decided to devote all her attention and expertise to help the little puppy recover.

Consequently, this little female puppy with her captivating eyes was given all the appropriate care, along with a great deal of affection

Unfortunately, this was an aspect of life almost unknown to Terra up to that point, since, out of fear, her previous owners had decided not to come near her or touch her anymore.

image: Facebook

For Jessie, meeting Terra was love at first sight.

It took very little time for the young woman to remain so struck by the little dog that she felt that she had to take care of her personally and to do everything that she could to help Tara heal quickly, although she already had another dog and four cats at home.

And all of this, for Terra, meant literally to be reborn. Just look at her photos to realize what a profound transformation she has undergone, thanks to the precious help of her new human friend.

In just three months, the puppy had not only regrown her marvelous brown and white fur but had also found the serenity and love she so vitally needed.

A truly inspiring story, which without a doubt instills hope and joy and shows that, even when you are in the worst situations, you can find happiness again.

All that is needed is to believe and never lose hope.

image: Facebook
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