This little dog divides her blanket with a stray dog, demonstrating all the love she is capable of -
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This little dog divides her blanket…
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This little dog divides her blanket with a stray dog, demonstrating all the love she is capable of

November 22, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Some people say that dogs have much more heart than many human beings who call themselves human.

In any case, it would seem that dogs have an infinite reservoir of love within them and, at times, perhaps, we cannot help but wish we had a pure and candid soul like theirs.

In fact, this story shows perfectly how often we underestimate an animal's feelings and intellectual abilities.

Suelen is the name of the woman who posted a photo on Facebook that depicts the kind and thoughtful gesture of her little dog - a gesture that has enthused thousands of people.

Suelen had bought her beloved female dog a new blanket to use in her kennel, to make it more comfortable.

The following morning, however, the woman found herself in front of a moving scene: Lana, her little dog, had shared a part of her new blanket with a stray puppy that was on the other side of the fence.

A kind and touching gesture, which demonstrates once again how dogs can very kind and generous creatures - spontaneously!

In fact, little Lana had shared what little she had to allow the stray puppy to spend the night in a warm blanket.

After Suelen's happy discovery, the stray puppy is no longer homeless: "Lana's little friend is no longer without protection", wrote Suelen on her Facebook account, hinting that she had also personally helped the little stray dog in some way.


A story that reminds us not to turn our backs and not to turn a blind eye to others in need. In fact, helping those less fortunate than us by being kind and generous is something that we, just like animals can spontaneously choose to do.

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