The employees at this bus station offer shelter to stray dogs with blankets and reused tires -
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The employees at this bus station offer…
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The employees at this bus station offer shelter to stray dogs with blankets and reused tires

November 20, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The problem of stray and abandoned dogs, forced to spend days and nights outside, without shelters and exposed to constant risks, afflicts many cities around the world.

Fortunately, however, there are people who decide every day to help take care of these defenseless beings and give them some comfort, with the means at their disposal, also with those that are the easiest and most simple.

This is the case with these bus station employees that we are about to talk to you about. People with a big heart who, to protect homeless dogs, have implemented a simple but very useful "plan".

We are in Curitiba, Brazil, at the bus terminal in Barreirinha. Here, thanks to the fstrength of mind and the good will of those who work at the station, homeless dogs can find shelter every day, as well as food, water and assistance.

Blankets and old tires in disuse, thus, become their new 'houses', real beds that allow these animals to find some warmth even on cold winter nights.

Affection and attention are the very things that such animals need. In fact, they are creatures often used to being abused, or otherwise neglected by human beings, who may have caused them real traumas.

And, although these dogs may be more accustomed to living outside during the winter, especially in the evening hours, they really run enormous risks.

Max, Pitoco and Zainho, three little dogs who became regular guests at the Barreirinha bus station know this well.

Their makeshift beds might seem 'simple' objects, but in reality they represent an authentic salvation.

It is enough to look at their faces and the expressions they have, moreover, to realize the enormous difficulties they have experienced and the gratitude they feel towards those who take care of them.


And the shelters created by the station's employees, with their gesture, have given a splendid example of how it is possible to do a great deal for those who need it even with simple and economic solutions.

Documenting everything on a social page, they received a strong appreciation from many web users.

The hope is that such initiatives will help to spread more and more a necessary awareness of the urgency of helping out innocent creatures, who in life have only had the misfortune of being born in the wrong place or being with the wrong people.

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