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A grandmother is suddenly taken ill…
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A grandmother is suddenly taken ill and her little baby granddaughter survives in her cradle for 5 days


In life, incidents occur that can mark us deeply. Experiences that we live, maybe in spite of ourselves, and that certainly we would prefer had never happened.

A bit like what happened to Anthony, the boyfriend of Tracy Ineichen, a 28-year-old American mother who at the time of the incident was in prison for petty crime.

Tracy's daughter, Brier, had been placed in the care of her 58-year-old grandmother Annette, for the duration of Tracy's prison sentence. 

As a mother and grandmother, Annette had always been a safe and responsible helper for both her granddaughter and her daughter Tracy until she found herself in a totally expected bad situation.

via: Daily Mail
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In fact, Tracy immediately became suspicious when her mother and daughter did not show up for their usual visit to the prison.

Knowing her mother, Tracy knew she would never miss such an appointment. So, worried, she called her boyfriend Anthony to ask him to check to see if everything was all right with Annette and Brier.

It was then that the young man made a very shocking discovery. Upon entering the house, he was surprised at the unusual silence, then he saw Brier in her cradle, visibly scared, and confused. Then, going into Annette's bedroom, he found the woman's lifeless body lying on the bed.

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Sadly, at only 58 years of age, his girlfriend Tracey's mother had suddenly taken ill, which had caused her death.

In this situation, the little baby granddaughter had been left alone with her deceased grandmother for five days, but had, fortunately, managed to survive for all that time, although she was found in a state of serious malnutrition and shock.

image: Daily Mail

The same shock that, understandably, Anthony had felt when first faced with this unfortunate situation. Upon the arrival of the police, the police officers ascertained the time of death, leaving no doubt that little Brier had been alone, without food or water for five, very long days.

Fortunately, Anthony managed to take care of the little baby girl for a few days, since the child's mother Tracy was still in prison and until the baby was temporarily entrusted to a family by social services.

Tracy, after serving her time, got out of prison and was finally reunited with her little daughter. All that remains is to wish, for both Tracy's sake and that of her sweet little daughter, that this unfortunate experience remains only an unpleasant memory.


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