My mother taught me everything, except to live without her -
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My mother taught me everything, except…
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My mother taught me everything, except to live without her


A mother is an essential figure in the life of a daughter and when she dies, an inexorable void is created that is difficult to fill with time.

However, a daughter can and must take ownership of the precious teachings that sometimes only a mother can convey.

A mother must be able to teach her daughter how to face life in the best way, how to get up even in the most difficult moments and wipe away tears in the face of difficulties.

What you may not be able to teach you is like being able to be without her.

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Life is not easy - it often puts us in front of choices in very complicated situations, and a mother's advice can be very valuable.

Your mother will surely have taught you to fight in what you believe and to pursue your dreams; To love others unconditionally and to always help those who are in difficulty or ask you for help.

Your mother will have taught you that money is not everything in life and that it is not worthwhile to get fatigued all your life if you fail to be happy with what you have.

Living, daring, traveling and love for the family are the values ​​and passions that a mother should not forget to pass on.

What you may not have been able to tell you with certainty is how you would have gone ahead without her: without being able to hear her voice or her reply; Without seeing his face or caressing his hands.

He had not warned you about the despair that you would have felt inside you the day you could no longer see it.

He taught you everything you know and thank you for becoming the person you are today, but he didn't teach you to be without her.

But he gave you the greatest example I could receive to continue living and savoring life, albeit with moments of pain, making you strong and always remembering it at all times.

You'll see her again, perhaps, when you listen to her favorite song again, when you think back to her phrases that silently flow into your mind, or into the smell of her room.

That's why despite his absence, you will know how to go on thanks to all his teachings. A special thanks to all the mothers ...

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