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A little dog gets lost in the desert…
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A little dog gets lost in the desert and a Dirt Bike couple saves him and returns him to his family


A pet is more than just a pastime or to keep one company ― it is a member of the family, in all respects, and, precisely for this reason, when sometimes, a pet can get sick or even lost, this becomes a moment of great anxiety for its owner.

Thinking about never seeing our best four-legged friend anymore fills our hearts with sadness.

Unfortunately, these are possibilities that must be taken into account when adopting a dog or cat, but we must also think that if that does happen - with a bit of luck some small "miracle" can happen that will save our beloved pet.

In fact, this young male puppy, for example, was lucky enough to be found in the desert by a Dirt Bike couple who intervened promptly and returned him to his owner.

A Dirt Bike couple intercepted this sweet little dog in a desert area of ​​the United States. Initially, they believed they had found a stray dog, but its blue collar clearly indicated the opposite.

In fact, little Max had a dog tag medallion attached to his dog collar with his name and the name and address of his owner's house written on it.

Initially, although the little dog was lost, and probably very thirsty and hungry, he was also very scared, so he still tried to run away!

But the two dirt bikers followed the little dog on their dirt bikes since it was too frightened to let them get close it immediately. And finally, they caught the young puppy and tied him with a rope to a tree so that he could not try to run away again.

Then, they quenched the dog's thirst and immediately gave him something to eat, while they tried to figure out who the little dog belonged to and why he was lost.

In the video, it is possible to observe very clearly the whole scene (including the chase) in which the two young motorcyclists try to catch the puppy dog in order to take care of him.

Once they succeeded in the enterprise, the couple transported little Max to his owner, whom they had previously called to inform her that her beloved and lost puppy dog had been found.

The video shows the moment when Max finally sees his owner again, from inside the car and starts wagging his tail with undeniable happiness.


In fact, as soon as Max sees his owner, he starts whining and wagging his tail, and hopping around on the back seat of the truck.

The unbridled happiness that the young puppy dog shows makes us understand how much it has bonded with its human "mother".

Of course, the woman immediately gives her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Dirt Bike couple for safely bringing her much-loved puppy dog back home to her.

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