After 19 years of marriage, a husband discovers that his wife was a man when she was younger -
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After 19 years of marriage, a husband…
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After 19 years of marriage, a husband discovers that his wife was a man when she was younger


When we talk about love relationships and the elements that manage to make them last a long time, we often talk about one of the most needed which is - trust.

This is generally considered an essential prerequisite for creating a lasting relationship, and neither physical attraction nor friendship or complicity can survive if trust is lacking.

And it is precisely "trust" that is the protagonist of the story we are about to narrate.

This is a story about a man who discovered after 19 years that his wife had failed to tell him about a fundamental part of her past life.

In 1993, after the end of a previous marriage, Jan married Monica, an Indonesian girl who had been his children's babysitter and who was about 15 years younger than him.

During the bureaucratic process of the documents, the immigration office had raised questions about the identity of the woman, but the couple had managed to overcome the immigration authority's doubts and their marriage had been approved.

A new life began for them and Monica became a mother and an older sister for Jan's two sons, and for 19 years the family lived in peace.

Moreover, given the presence of his own two boys, the couple had decided that they did not want to have any other children.

Things started to change when Monica found a full-time job and started going out more often. She wore increasingly showy clothes and one of his sons said he had seen her in a night club.

Furthermore, Jan had found messages between her and other men on his wife's computer, and the arguments became increasingly more frequent and heated.

It was at this stage that he began to hear rumors and then a friend went to Jan to tell him that in reality, Monica was, or at least had been, a man, and his son also reported other similar rumors to his father.

Exasperated by doubts and jealousy, Jan decided to face Monica once and for all! So he told her that he had discovered the truth and asked her directly to clarify her past.


When cornered, Monica could do nothing but come clean: She confessed to being born a man and then having undergone a sex-change operation.

From that moment, as far as he was concerned, he had become a woman, and for this reason, she had not considered it necessary to have to reveal her previous identity to her husband.

The woman had also managed to pretend to use sanitary napkins for 19 years, to hide that she was not a biological woman.

The blow for the family, needless to say, was very hard, above all in regards to the famous and must needed trust we mentioned earlier, and obviously the situation and everything related to it gave birth to a long and very complex legal battle.

How would you have reacted in such a situation?

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