This single father has adopted five little siblings so that they can all grow up together -
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This single father has adopted five…
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This single father has adopted five little siblings so that they can all grow up together


In the world, there are people who seem to have been born specifically to do good to others.

Case in point is Lamont Thomas, a man from Buffalo, New York, who recently became the adoptive father of five little children, all brothers, and sisters, to allow them to grow together and remain united as a true family.

The man, who is by the way, single, had already fostered and adopted other young orphaned children, thereby, becoming officially the adoptive or foster father of 12 children.

image: WGRZ

This "passion" for helping others, particularly in regards to helping children to live their lives to the fullest, was born in Lamont many years ago.

It all began, when he started helping his friends when their children had been taken away by social services. In fact, since 2000, the man has become the custodial or foster father of over thirty children.

Since then, Lamont has five adopted children, in addition to his own two biological children Anthony and LaMonica. After the first four adopted children, Lamont also adopted the first child he had ever fostered: Michael.

Now, twenty-seven years old, Michael remembers: "He was my third foster home and eventually became my permanent home. He knew my biological parents."

image: WGRZ

After Michael, Lamont thought that he would no longer adopt any other children, but changed his mind for a very special case.

In fact, when he was informed that a new group of children, composed of brothers and sisters, needed his help, he decided to get a new certification as an adoptive parent with the intention of adopting them all at the same time.

Naturally, raising five children under the age of six certainly requires a lot of endurance and some assistance, but Lamont is not concerned about this at all. "They bring me new energy," said Lamont, " and they are adorable, very loving children. They deserve, as siblings, to be raised together and I fought for this."

image: WGRZ

Lamont hopes that people who read his story may feel inspired to become adoptive parents, a choice that brings much joy and support to the lives of those children who have to be removed from their biological families for various reasons by social services.

"I simply wanted to make a difference," said Lamont, "and I love what I do."


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