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He sees a woman in difficulty trying…
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He sees a woman in difficulty trying to fill up her tank and he decides to give her the money she needs

November 04, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Anyone can experience moments of economic hardship due to sudden health problems or having lost their job.

There are those who are not afraid to ask for help in times of need and turn to friends and relatives to receive financial support that allows them to get back on their feet.

Some people, however, due to pride or shame, prefer to face the situation alone with stubborn and dignified courage.

And this story is dedicated to them.

Carlos "HaHa" Davis, a well-known on the Internet, is a comic performer who makes videos and entertaining content that he then puts online on social networks.

One day he was walking around with his work team near a service area. The group noticed a figure next to one of the distributors, it was a woman who was trying to buy some gas for her car and she was counting and recounting the few coins and money she had in her hand.

From this, the young men understood that the lady was obviously in difficulty, so they decided to intervene to help her and they decided to capture the entire scene on video.

In the video, Carlos is shown taking a handful of one-hundred-dollar bills and handing them to the unknown woman. The woman initially seems not to understand what is happening, then after realizing that the money was for her, she bursts out in incredulous and liberating tears.

And through her tears, she narrates how her husband had died just a week ago and that his death had left her very distraught, as well as in serious financial trouble.

While she continues to look at the young men around her who are trying  to comfort her, she takes the money and at the same time tries to explain by saying with embarrassment that before then she had never asked for or accepted help from anyone.

Davis reassures her by saying that everything is ok, that it was no accident that they were there at that very moment.

Another young man in the group explains to her that all people must be united, help each other, trusting that God looks after them and guides them.

Still, a bit confused by that unexpected encounter, the lady tries to smile through her tears, clearly moved and now full of gratitude and renewed confidence.

The video posted on Twitter on 21 October 2019 received many views, although, for some users, it did not seem quite right to use that video to perhaps get more clicks and views on his social media accounts.

Certainly, the content had commercial and advertising purposes, but what matters most is the positive message that can be understood and appreciated by those who can read between the lines.

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