Husband and wife fall in love with the same woman and they decide to live together

by Shirley Marie Bradby

October 27, 2019

Husband and wife fall in love with the same woman and they decide to live together

Do you know what polyamory is?

This term means a relationship, physical or emotional, in which more than two people who know each other are involved in a love relationship in which the emotional exchange of feeling is equitable and reciprocal between the three or more parties.

As much as it may turn out to be a love relationship that raises a few eyebrows, poly-love is more common than it seems. And this is something that Mary and Leo Barillas, the protagonists of this love story ... discovered quite unexpectedly!

via The Sun


Mary and Leo Barillas, a young couple from Washington, got married in 2010 and together they realized their dream of opening and managing a CrossFit gym, a passion that had united them both for a long time.

Then, in the following years, the couple had two children and a serene and balanced married life, until the arrival in 2016 of a new female client in their gym ...


The new client Kimberley Slagle began at first to go out as a friend with Mary, and then only later did Leo make Kim's acquaintance through his wife.

After some time, both Leo and Mary understood that they both felt a very strong feeling of attraction and love for Kimberley ...

After formalizing their polyamorous relationship based on mutual affection and trust, Leo, Mary, and Kim decided to live together under one roof.

This living arrangement also included the two children of Leo and Mary,  the protagonists of this incredible story and the other two little children that Kim had had from a previous relationship!

Leo Barillas himself told The Sun news website, in an interview, about this unexpected happy turn in his life: ''The romantic relationship began in 2016.  At one point in that year, we were all three lovers, probably at different times, for different reasons. We decided that we got along very well, and here we are!

Well, what more can be said? Only that an extended family has been created whose only common denominator ... is love!