Instead of giving her a fine, this policeman gave a mother in difficulty two new car seats for her children -
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Instead of giving her a fine, this policeman…
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Instead of giving her a fine, this policeman gave a mother in difficulty two new car seats for her children


Sometimes, in life, events happen that succeed, even in the darkest moments, to cheer us up and make us regain faith in ourselves and in others.

And it is precisely on those occasions, in fact, that a long series of exasperating problems, accumulated worries, and difficulties can lead us to conditions of stress, anxiety, and despair.

However, as the story we are about to tell you illustrates, often it happens that, just as we are about to give up, pleasant surprises arrive to improve our lives.

This is what exactly happened to Andrella Jackson, a mother of five who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

To the financial difficulties of the woman, aggravated also by the expenses for the maintenance of her little children, a new problem seemed about to be added.  In fact, while she was driving along a street, she heard coming from a police car the order to pull over and stop her car. 

via: TMJ4

Once she had stopped and been approached, Andrella already knew that she was about to be fined for a traffic violation, because she saw that the police officers had noticed the lack of car seats for her children in the car.

Officer Kevin Zimmerman, however, surprised the woman with a completely unexpected action.

Driven also by his conscience as a father, the policeman not only avoided fining Andrella, but he also decided to go to a nearby department store to buy a very special gift to give to her.

With his own money, he bought two brand new car seats, gave them to this mother who was in difficulty and then he also personally mounted them in Andrella's car.

Needless to say that the woman was very surprised when she realized that the policeman was giving her two brand new car seats and that he had also mounted in her car, to guarantee her children safety and comfort whenever she was transporting them.

"I am the father of three children - the policeman said - and I cannot allow anything to happen to them when I travel by car. My parents and the Police Academy have trained me to do the right thing even though no one is watching me."


Pure and sincere generosity, therefore, that have made this policeman a truly exemplary figure for all.

In fact, despite his duty to follow the law, Kevin also managed to show humanity, going beyond the strict rules that sometimes do not take into account certain, difficult contexts.


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