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A father and his two sons cut more than…
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A father and his two sons cut more than 30 tons of firewood to give to needy families


In America, about 1.9% of homes rely on firewood for heating, and the distribution of these homes is usually concentrated in some specific regions.

This means that houses that need firewood to be livable during the winter, reach up to around 30 percent. Therefore not knowing how to cut your own wood or not being able to, could be a problem considering the high costs that the purchase of cut firewood entails.

In short, not everyone can afford it. And this is where Shane McDaniel and his two twin sons, all living in Lake Stevens, Washington (USA), come into action.

Shane and his two twin sons, Henry and Harrison, have worked hard to complete a good deed that deserves to be recognized and reported. This father and his sons have split so much firewood that they have accumulated an amount worth $10,000 USD.

Despite this non-negligible detail, Shane has decided to donate all the firewood to those families who cannot afford to buy it.

A gift that truly warms the heart and will also certainly warm the homes and hearts of many families during the coldest months of the year.

Initially, Shane and his sons began cutting firewood on weekends, between March and October.

This was done mainly to eliminate the damage that storms and thunderstorms had caused to their various commercial activities, such as the presence of many fallen trees.

The fact of cutting firewood is also linked to a sort of family tradition that Shane and his father had always had and shared and which he was now passing on to his own two sons.

image: Facebook / Shane McDaniel

After cutting and stacking firewood all year round, McDaniels shared his generous proposal on Facebook.

In the post, Shane invited anyone who needed firewood for the winter to contact him.

Needless to say, the post became very popular as it reached thousands of people and also thanks to countless shares.

A beautiful story that inspires and motivates and is also an example for everyone to do whatever they can to help others - using whatever means they have available.

Thank you, Shane McDaniels and your two sons, Harrison and Henry!


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