She does not take her eyes off her smartphone as she texts a friend and steps into a manhole grating -
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She does not take her eyes off her smartphone…
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She does not take her eyes off her smartphone as she texts a friend and steps into a manhole grating


Technology is steadily making its way into our lives in an increasingly invasive way, often to our own detriment.

Of course, technological progress is not absolutely condemnable but, as with all things, when it is used improperly and excessively, it ends up damaging us.

Case in point is a young girl, in China, who literally got her leg stuck in a manhole grate while walking in the street, without realizing where she was going or putting her feet.

The story is that she was sending a text message to a friend and, while concentrating on writing and sending the message, she did not take her eyes off her smartphone screen - not even for one moment.

via: People
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The unfortunate young girl from Mianyang, a city south of China, did not notice that she was about to put her foot until suddenly her leg went halfway into a grated manhole cover.

To get her leg and foot out of the manhole cover, the intervention of the fire department was indispensable and they rushed to the scene as soon as they could ... but arrived 45 minutes after the incident!

Thanks to their intervention, however, the girl was freed and although her leg and foot were a bit bruised due to her fall, she was able to return home safe and sound.

The girl admitted that at the time of the accident she was sending a text message to her friend, from her smartphone. And that it was her distraction that caused this accident and the resulting consequences.

image: People

Unfortunately, this is not the first episode of this type and, even if it makes you smile, it is a real problem.

Law enforcement authorities have repeatedly warned and advised people to pay attention while they are on the street, both while driving and when crossing the street.

Technology should help us to function better in the reality in which we live, but we cannot allow the quality of our life to be worsened by the improper use of a smartphone, for example.

We hope that this unnecessary misfortune has served as a lesson to this girl and to all those who read her story.

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