Instead of wedding gifts, these newlyweds asked their guests to donate to an animal shelter -
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Instead of wedding gifts, these newlyweds…
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Instead of wedding gifts, these newlyweds asked their guests to donate to an animal shelter

November 02, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Magnificent receptions, flashy ceremonies, expensive wedding lunches or dinners, and exaggerated gifts: Many weddings, today, are like this, and it is needless to try to deny it.

The day on which two people officially unite often becomes an event for which there are no limits to luxury, being ostentatious and, of course, also to expenses.

Many are, however, newlyweds who opt for simpler ceremonies or perhaps decide to "transform" their gifts into something original and useful, for themselves, and for others.

This is the case of Jeananne and Jonathan Wickham, a newlywed American couple originally from Wooster, Ohio, who decided to receive (and donate at the same time) a very special gift.

Let's take a look at what they did.

via: 19 News

They did not create a wedding gift list and they did not ask for any traditional gifts! In fact, anyone who wanted to give the couple a wedding gift was requested to simply offer something that would increase the well-being of their four-legged friends in the local animal shelter.

That's right! Given that both Jeananne and Jonathan are great cat lovers and own six, they decided to combine their love for animals with the traditional idea of asking for and receiving wedding presents.

To do this, they asked their wedding guests to make donations to the Wayne County Humane Society, an important animal reception and assistance facility that tries to take care of and help out all the animals that are without a home or in need.

So, having said that, thanks to their wedding and their friends, the two newlyweds were able to deliver, over 1200 cans of wet pet food, 1650 lb (750 kg) of dried pet food, cleaning products and more than $2000 USD for the medical care of their four-legged friends at the animal shelter.

Moreover, the gifted money that Jonathan and Jeananne had received was immediately employed in an excellent way, since just at that moment Debbie and Peaches, two kittens with serious health problems, needed expensive medical care.

Certainly, Jonathan and Jeananne have given a demonstration of really beneficial and original kindness and generosity, which in addition to making many less fortunate animals happier, has also served to make us think.

Sometimes, in fact, it can be good not to let ourselves become too attached to the excessive logic of consumerism, accumulation, and luxury, and instead think of the good we can do with even just a seemingly small effort.


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