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A hairdresser takes her salon chair…
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A hairdresser takes her salon chair to the streets to offer free haircuts to the homeless

July 29, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When we read stories like the one we are about to tell you, we are pleased that, in a world where news often consists of injustices and biases, that there are also people trying to offer some help to those who are less fortunate --- by using whatever means they have available.

Case in point is Kate Steller, a hairdresser in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who has decided to put her professionalism at the service of those who cannot afford to pay for a haircut in her beauty shop. And she did it in a truly original way.

After furnishing her beauty shop with ten red salon chairs, Kate decided to keep the eleventh chair for herself. In fact, she keeps the salon chair in her car and whenever she sees a homeless person on the streets of the city, she offers them a free haircut, obviously done using her portable salon chair.

Together with her assistant Emily, one day a week, Kate leaves her beauty shop and tries to give back some dignity to people who often seem to have lost it and who are therefore relegated to the margins of society.

Over time this volunteer activity has taken the form of a real project called the Steller Kindness Project.

Kate has shown us that it is possible to promote kindness, dignity, and self-esteem by giving practical help to people who can, thereby, feel better about themselves even through small gestures.

These are the intentions of the Minneapolis hairdresser, who in the past has already experienced personally what it means to feel like one does not fit into "normal" society. 


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In fact, due to an illness and the medical treatments carried out, Kate lost all her hair when she was 18 years old. At that life-changing moment, she understood what it meant to have no self-esteem and to feel constantly without an identity.

Therefore, it was also, for this reason, that she decided to put her skills at the service of others, trying to help them a little, even if it is just by simply giving them a free haircut.

This is a behavior that can certainly serve as an inspiring model. In fact, if everyone would put their skills at the service of those in need, also in a disinterested way, we would surely find that the world has become a better place.

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