The day we lose our mother, it may seem that we have lost a part of ourselves -
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The day we lose our mother, it may seem…
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The day we lose our mother, it may seem that we have lost a part of ourselves


Whether it occurs unexpectedly or predictably, the death of a loved one can be heartbreaking, especially when it happens to someone so precious in everyone's life as their mother.

In fact, the mourning of a parent is one of the most difficult tests that we as children can face. Old age, illness or accidents are the events that are usually the reasons. And these are simply factors over which we have no control.

When mourning the loss of our mother, we may feel that we have lost a part of ourself but we must learn to accept this irrevocable fact.

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While alleviating our worries, listening to our problems, or simply quieting us with her presence, a mother can be a steadfast confidant in our life, capable of being a real comfort to our heart.

A mother combines wisdom and benevolence and is able to understand when something is wrong. And without saying a word, she always finds a way to restore and strengthen us.

In addition to her educational role, she is above all a friend, a counselor, and the voice of reason for her children.

This is true because whatever our age, we are and will always be her children, those for whom she will never hesitate to sacrifice herself, often at the expense of her own well-being.

This is how her presence marks our daily life, in an indelible and immutable way, to remind us that we are never alone, even after her death.

When the terrible news arrives, it will seem to us that the world has collapsed on us. And it is normal that after some time, we will try to find another solid pillar, a reassuring presence, someone who provides love, as strong as our mother's.

This is, unfortunately, a difficult quest because, obviously, no one can replace the love and presence of our mother. Consequently, life continues and we must learn to live without her. 

We must do our best and keep in mind that her physical absence is not a reason for us to surrender. On the contrary, for a person who is grieving, it is essential to know how to reconstruct one's own affective identity.

We never forget the death of a loved one, we just get used to it. Once the emotional dizziness and confusion of the first days have passed, it is then that the real work on oneself begins.

We can consider this loss as a test implemented by life, to force us to learn to get up and carry on without the help of a mother who has always been there, a mother who, if she had been present, could have alleviated the suffering linked to this difficult moment.

Little by little and armed with strength and courage, we must, therefore, accept the mourning that, despite the terrible suffering that accompanies it, is an essential step to moving forward.

We must not forget that, in addition, to the loss of a loved one, this pain also makes us confront a new reality, namely, that of our own mortality.

By losing what we have considered practically eternal, we are more aware that everyone's life must come to an end and that it can happen at any time.

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