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If a mother is not needed anymore, then…
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If a mother is not needed anymore, then it means that she has done a good job!


Every woman knows that sooner or later the time comes for her child to leave the nest and go on their own way.

This is an absolutely natural process but it is not painless, at least for those who continue to look at a child as if it were always the same little one who held their hand when the child was still unable to walk alone.

Instead, when a mother realizes that she is no longer needed, it means she has done her job well.

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Love changes and transforms while losing none of its intensity but it simply evolves into something different and more mature, in a journey towards acquiring personal freedom.

The child who yesterday was dependent on their mother for every little thing, today is an autonomous person capable of facing life on their own.

This does not mean that the bond between mother and child has been broken, but only that the parent has succeeded in fully fulfilling what is their task, namely, to deliver to the world a healthy, self-confident, and complete individual. 

A mother will always preserve the instinct to protect her child from pain, danger, and errors, but she will gradually learn to repress it, leaving her child free to live, to create their own experiences, and even to make mistakes.

The thing that counts for a son or daughter is to know that at any moment their mother is there, as a safe haven to return to whenever they feel the need, for a word of comfort, for advice or just for a hug.

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Then it happens that the roles are even reversed, so that the now adult child has the skills, resources, and good health to take care of their elderly mother, in a virtuous cycle of love that never breaks.

Even if the umbilical cord has been severed, it remains an invisible and indissoluble thread that connects mother and child forever. Becoming "not needed" does not mean losing, it means instead to acquire a renewed status that is even stronger than before. 

The cycle of life is always renewed as each individual is transformed from a child into an adult, who in turn becomes a parent, transmitting values, teachings, and sentiments to their children. On the Wheel of Life, love reigns forever.

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