This woman films her dog tenderly asleep in a cradle next to her daughter -
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This woman films her dog tenderly asleep…
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This woman films her dog tenderly asleep in a cradle next to her daughter

October 25, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Anyone who has had a pet by their side knows very well how much anguish can be created when we do not know where our four-legged friend is, or if we suddenly lose sight of our pet, then we immediately fear the worst!

This, unfortunately, is a real problem that concerns both dogs and cats.

In fact, in some cases, a missing pet can represent a real danger or a high risk for the animal, especially if there are areas outside the home where the pet could be seriously harmed or even abducted.

The episode we are about to talk about is about a similar episode in which the woman who was the protagonist, for a certain amount of time, feared the worst for her dog, Raven.

Let's see what happened.

Since being adopted by Kristin, Raven had never stopped giving joy to her and her entire family.

A trusted companion, always present and ready to make all the people he comes in contact with smile! In fact, despite his difficult past as a stray dog, Raven is really a fantastic animal.

One day, Kristin suddenly could not find him. Despite looking around the house, there was no trace of the dog.

Having explored all the places and hiding places preferred by her four-legged friend, the woman was becoming disturbed, wondering if, for some reason, the dog had left the house.

She looked in the living room, kitchen, garden and more: apparently Raven was gone.

At one point, the only place left to check was the bedroom of her little daughter Addison, who was taking a nap. And when Kristin entered her daughter's room, she found right before her eyes, a scene that she had never expected to see!

Her dog, Raven was there, sleeping inside the crib, together with Kristin's baby daughter. An adorable scene, demonstrating a tenderness that for Kristin would be hard if not impossible to forget.

She was so struck by what she saw that she captured the scene in a video, and then shared it on social media, where the video received millions of views.


A delightful episode, which says a lot about how wonderful and unique the affection is that a dog can give to those who love and take care of it.

In particular, an ex-stray dog, like Raven that had experienced situations in which he was not loved or was abused, is really a creature that has a wealth of love and loyalty to give.

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