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16 photographs from all over the world…
This chimpanzee sees his human parents again after a long time and welcomes them with a big hug The bride dances at her wedding with the donor who 10 years earlier had saved her from leukemia

16 photographs from all over the world that show how we all have a heart of gold


In every human being, good and evil coexist - negativity and positivity.

But it is also true that in every human being, despite the difficulties of life, hides a tender heart ready to melt after witnessing extraordinary moments and unexpected gestures.

The photo gallery that we offer today shows images captured by users from all over the world whose lives, in spite of enormous difficulties, had moments of joy and infinite sweetness that were captured and immortalized in their photographs.

Just looking at these photos lightens and brightens our lives.

The first physical contact between a newborn baby girl and her mother's finger ...

Every day this woman and her two dogs wait for her husband to return from work.


This dad hugs his two children after obtaining custody after a 10-year legal battle!

The irrepressible joy of a young boy who has won an important victory ...bravo!

Thanks to these special glasses, this child finally sees his mother for the first time in his life ... his reaction is priceless!


His mother died of pneumonia the previous year, and her son brought her to his graduation ceremony, in the form of a commemorative life-size photo!

A husband divorced his wife and gave her everything, except for custody of his four dogs, which he wouldn't exchange for anything in the world!


A wife hugs her husband in the hospital ... to give him comfort and to let him know that he is not alone.

This father is moved by the sight of his youngest daughter's wedding dress


The boy has lost almost everything after being placed in foster care, but not this old videotape of his third birthday!

A proud and emotional grandfather who holds his tiny grandson in his arms!

Another grandfather who sees his grandson for the first time and cannot hold back his tears!

She wears her beautiful wedding dress to visit her 102-year-old grandmother in a hospital care center.

A dad far from home still reads fairy tales to his children as he waits at the airport. Parental love knows no boundaries!

A policeman is moved by the funeral ceremony commemorating the dog who had accompanied him throughout his career.

A photo shoot showing the shaving of her hair before the chemotherapy sessions that this woman - with her warrior spirit would have to face.

The world is truly full of joy, happiness, and positive feelings. Sometimes, all we need is to know how to create and share these feelings to regain trust in the compassionate human spirit that we all possess!

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