This chimpanzee sees his human parents again after a long time and welcomes them with a big hug -
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This chimpanzee sees his human parents…
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This chimpanzee sees his human parents again after a long time and welcomes them with a big hug


Animals, it is known, can become very attached to human beings.

We are not just talking about dogs or cats, but about any animal that has had prolonged contact with a human being - enough to become attached to that human.

This is the case of this wonderful chimpanzee named Limbani who, unfortunately, did not have a very happy childhood, as he was immediately rejected by his natural mother.

Consequently, two employees at the Zoological Wildlife Center in Miami, Tania and Jorge, took care of him, becoming his adoptive parents.

As mentioned previously, the little chimpanzee did not have a very easy start in life. In fact, after being rejected by his mother due to a lack of milk, the little baby monkey came down with pneumonia.

Tania and Jorge, employees at the Zoological Wildlife Center in Miami never stopped taking care of him, day after day.

That period together was very intense both for the little chimpanzee and for Tania and Jorge, who never forgot the sweet tenderness of that little baby chimpanzee.

Now, after a long time, Limbani and the two zoo employees have met again. The moment when the chimpanzee saw his human saviors again was really very exciting and emotional.

In the video that you can see below, the little chimpanzee Limbani throws himself into Jorge's arms, squeezing and hugging him like a small child.

The same goes for Tania - when the chimpanzee sees the woman, he immediately throws himself on her and embraces her neck, in an endless hug. These are video images that will surely make everyone smile.


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