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21 fun reasons why cats will one day…
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21 fun reasons why cats will one day conquer the world


Whether you love them or hate them, our feline friends possess a charm all their own that is impossible to resist.

Anyone who loves cats or has one at home knows that, sooner or later, felines will conquer the world with their savoir-faire, with their apparent and mysterious distance from the worries of the world.

Cats are living beings that appear to be superior to us, and these 21 fun facts and images are proof of this. We challenge you not to let these beautiful and hilarious kittens and cats make you laugh - or at least smile!

Cats can fold their arms

And they are totally unpredictable!


Their bodies are very ... flexible!

image: Instagram

And they lead mysterious double lives ....

Press their paw pads and their claws will pop out!


And they also have larger soft paw pads on their hind leg paws!

They talk to us as if we could understand them, when in reality ...


Cats are always adorable ... even when they turn the house upside down!

And they can sometimes be surprisingly human!

image: Lubbby/Reddit

But they will never be as adorable as they are when they sleep.

See how they know how to stand up on their hind legs, like nobody else!

They stretch frequently and very well ...

Yes! They know how to stick their tongue out ...

OMG! How lovely this little kitten is!

Kittens are very easily surprised ...

And does anyone want to talk about their teeth ...?

And whatever you do, they always want to get involved!

No one knows why but they love every type of sink!

"Do you want to join my religion?"

They have satellite dishes instead of ears

There is a strange bond between smooth surfaces and cats - a never-ending love story!

See? It is impossible not to fall in love with our feline friends!

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