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He finds a horse stuck in the snow for…
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He finds a horse stuck in the snow for 4 days and manages to rescue it!


How about spending your 21st birthday among the ice and magnificent snowy landscapes of the El Colorado mountain range in Chile and then you find a beautiful horse almost frozen to death in the cold and snow and in dire need of rescue?! Truth or fiction?

This is a true story! Yes, it is an incredible story shared by Rafael Pease, a young man from South America who decided to abruptly interrupt his skiing trip in the breathtaking Chilean winter land snow to save a poor horse that, without Rafael's help, might not have made it!

via: Metro UK

When he suddenly saw the horse stuck in the snow, Rafael cautiously approached the horse, so as not to frighten it ...

And, to give the horse a way out, Rafael started shoveling the snow around the horse, that was cold and stuck in the snow that covered all four of its legs up to its hindquarters.


The horse needed food for its sustenance, so Rafael decided to give the horse the chickpeas that he brought with him as part of his food supply.

Thanks to the help of his friends and some local people, Rafael was able to guide the horse with a rope to the village of Farellones, a populated sector of the Chilean Andes mountain range below the El Colorado ski area.

 ... And in the village of Farellones, the owner of the horse was found! And the man later revealed to Rafael that the horse had been lost for 4 days!

All is well that ends well!


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