This child with Down syndrome was rejected as a model but is now a Web Star -
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This child with Down syndrome was rejected…
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This child with Down syndrome was rejected as a model but is now a Web Star

September 26, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

No one could ever have imagined that this intrepid mother had a specific mission and that she would not give up for anything in the world until she saw her little son enjoy the same opportunities as his peers.

In fact, her little boy named Asher, the protagonist of this true story, had been diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth.

Due to this physical condition, Oshkosh, a well-known children's clothing company, did not think that the little boy was suitable as a model for their advertising campaign. But they would soon change their minds!

In any case, Meagan could not believe it when the children's clothing company rejected Asher as a model for their new clothing line because "the company was not looking for children with special features".

However, this brave mother did not give up so easily and continued with her personal crusade that she hoped would change forever not only society's perception of her little boy Asher, but also the perception that many people have about all the children with Down syndrome around the world - and who have never been given a second chance.

If the casting company for Oshkho was not ready for Asher, maybe the people on the Internet would be!

Consequently, mother Maegan decided to post little Asher's photos in the Facebook group "Kids with Syn's Syndrome", and the photos quickly achieved a resounding success!

After that, Oshkosh could not absolutely miss the opportunity to contact Asher's mother again to give her explanations and offer a modeling proposal for her young son.


The very positive result of this story is that not only was Asher able to become a model for the company's new children's clothing line but in reality, he had already become a Web Star well before being asked to be a model!

This was thanks to people on the Internet who posted and shared those beautiful photos of little Asher, originally posted by his resolute mother.

Now Asher has become a bit of a symbol for equal opportunity for all those children with disabilities and Down syndrome who do not feel accepted by a society that can often be superficial. Congratulations!


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