This dog has "adopted" 7 kittens taking care of them as if he were their father -
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This dog has "adopted" 7 kittens taking…
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This dog has "adopted" 7 kittens taking care of them as if he were their father


When we look at our four-legged friends, it is not uncommon to realize that their affection, their empathy, and their solidarity is often manifested in truly pure and unconditioned ways, even among specimens of totally different species.

Dogs and cats, for example, are traditionally considered opposites and, in some ways, "enemies", yet this is not always the case.

On the contrary, it is not so rare to see cases in which two or more animals of different species can get along as if there were no differences of any kind.

The story of this cat and dog described here below is a perfect example. Now, let's find out why!

image: oowth/Imgur

For many years, Terra had been a stray cat, and therefore, had certainly experienced a difficult life of survival on the streets.

One day, however, she was lucky enough to meet a woman named Regina, who took care of her by adopting her and giving her love and shelter in her home.

It was just after 2 months of living with this new family that the cat began to show clear symptoms of an ongoing pregnancy.

image: oowth/Imgur
So, completely to the surprise of her new human friends, Terra gave birth to seven kittens. The cat and her kittens, however, were not the only pets in Regina's house.
In fact, Archer and Zoe are the names of the two wonderful dogs that also live with Regina. Of the two dogs, Archer immediately began to show great interest in the little kittens.

Initially, with a little apprehension, Regina allowed the dog to approach the kittens, and despite her fears, she soon discovered that Archer's intentions were anything but aggressive.
The dog, in fact, had decided to become, for all intents and purposes, the adoptive father of the little kittens.  But how exactly? Well, simply by helping their mother Terra, to raise them and take care of them. 
image: oowth/Imgur

Archer cuddles the kittens, washes them, and does not lose sight of them even for a moment. It is not excessive to say that, for them, he is a real "bodyguard".

Of course, all of this happens under the satisfied supervision of mother cat Terra, who is really happy to be able to count on the protection and affection of her loyal and caring canine friend. 

image: oowth/Imgur

And the love that this dog gives to the baby kittens, despite them being of a totally different species from his own, is perhaps greater than what they would receive from a "real" feline father.

Looking at Archer, one can only be impressed by how much care he puts into his paternal role. In fact, in addition to the daily routine of pampering and bathing the kittens, he also tries to entertain them by taking and holding them with his mouth as he carries them around the house!

image: oowth/Imgur

As time passed, thanks to the paternal love of this special dog, all of Terra's kittens grew up strong and healthy. 

This is really a touching story that shows how unconditional love can go beyond even the most marked differences! And it is wonderful to see that also from animals one can find such inspiration.


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