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High altitude rudeness illustrated with…
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High altitude rudeness illustrated with 12 photos showing the worst side of airline passengers


Air travel, fears aside, for many can be wonderful experiences, while for others they are situations to try to forget.

Quarrelsome and rude passengers or those who absolutely cannot give up their favorite pastimes are concrete realities on many aircraft that fly in our skies every day.

In this sense, who, better than flight attendants, has really seen it all?! Probably no one, since the airline personnel often find themselves having to deal with lack of respect, indisciplined passengers, and requests that would test anyone's patience.

Thus, former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen has created Passenger Shaming, a Twitter and Instagram account, respectively, where she has collected and then posted all the worst behaviors that passengers on an airplane are capable of displaying.

Looking at the photo images online, it is not surprising that the photos are numerous and are constantly updated! Here below is a selection, where you will soon see that, unfortunately, at times, passenger rudeness knows no bounds!

1. A comfortable nap ...

2. A makeup application class between one seat and another ...


The pizza was a little cold ...

For those who want to always feel like they are camping out ...

A pajama party?


6. The emergency exit has an excellent guardian ...

Children obviously out of control


Somebody thinks they are already at the beach ...

It would be better not to forget these on board!


Anybody missing a wig? ...

Let's hope that at least he plays well!

Gymnastics - in the airplane - is definitely NOT what the doctor ordered!


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