Good people often go to a psychologist to learn how to protect themselves from bad people -
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Good people often go to a psychologist…
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Good people often go to a psychologist to learn how to protect themselves from bad people

October 20, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Since when has trust and respect for others gone out of fashion?

Since when has telling lies and being so competitive that cheating and being insensitive and rude have become the rule?

Many sociologists argue that malice has turned into a quality, and vice versa goodness into a handicap, since the advent of technology.

This phenomenon has created progressive desensitization of individuals, towards their own emotional state and towards others.

It so happens that people less predisposed to having and maintaining a hostile attitude struggle to adapt to a reality in which it is always necessary to attack first, in which second place has the same value as the last place.

These "good people" cannot explain why there is so much frenzy, so much aggression and they find it hard to understand why personal good can only be achieved by harming someone else.

Such a condition of emotional turmoil leads to a profound sense of discomfort that frequently requires psychological support.

In essence, we ask for help to find the appropriate strategies to defend ourselves from all superficiality, from materialism, from gratuitous and unjustified malice.

Whoever is not naturally capable of conforming to the majority, becoming, in turn, a "tough cookie", is forced to use tools that can at least immunize and protect themselves! Consequently, allowing them to continue to live their lives and move forward despite everything and everyone.

It is essential to learn to create an armor between yourself and the outside world, to learn to ignore the worst without being ashamed of yourself.

Being a good person is invaluable, timeless, something that should never be forgotten or go out of fashion.

If along the way you meet more despicable people than genuine human beings worthy of the name, it is better to learn the art of ignoring them!

In this way, you can choose to only accept good energies and to surround yourself exclusively with people who share the same positive spirit.

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