They find their dog again after 6 long years and they also adopt his faithful canine friend -
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They find their dog again after 6 long…
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They find their dog again after 6 long years and they also adopt his faithful canine friend


Sometimes, you happen to come across news stories that are true fairy tales, so beautiful and moving as to be comparable to those produced by Disney.

Among the most tender and fascinating are undoubtedly those that show the friendship between animals like "The Aristocats", "The Fox and the Hound", or "Winnie the Pooh".

But reality can oftentimes be better than fiction! Case in point is the story of this family that miraculously found their dog again and also adopted his canine companion that had been with their dog all the time that they both had lived on the street.

via: ABC News

In 2009 Corky, the Montez family's dog disappeared without a trace. Fortunately, the puppy had recently been given an identification microchip implant, only no one could have imagined how long it would be before he could finally return home.

Six long years had already passed but the Montez family still had not lost hope, when one morning they received a call from the North Texas Humane Society with the news that Corky had been found.

A good Samaritan, a few days before, had come across three little stray dogs but, unfortunately, only two had managed to survive, and one of them was Corky.

image: WFAA
To the joy of having found and embraced their own dog, the Montez family also had the pleasant surprise of discovering that, during all that time, their little dog had not been alone.
To keep Corky company, in fact, there was a new friend, that Corkyhad evidently met on the street and who certainly had become like a little brother during the adventures that they had shared while living together all those years.
Captain, this is the other dog's name, and Corky had become inseparable, so the Montez thought it would not be right to separate them.
The most natural thing to do, therefore, was to also adopt Captain. Now Corky is once again with his family, consisting of his human owners and Captain, his trusted fellow canine friend.
The latter had lost an eye and Corky is always very kind to Captain, allowing him to eat first from their food bowl, sleeping next to him, and playing together all day.
As it was said at the beginning, this true story is even better than a Disney fairy tale.

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