This little girl diagnosed with alopecia participates in a "Crazy Hair Day" contest and wins a prize -
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This little girl diagnosed with alopecia…
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This little girl diagnosed with alopecia participates in a "Crazy Hair Day" contest and wins a prize


Most American schools have educational programs and organizational systems that are a little different depending on each school and state both for study and recreational activities.

One of these is the "Crazy Hair Day", namely, the day in which you can present yourself in class with an extravagant hairstyle, hair design or a funny wig in a truly entertaining competition between classmates.

For the students, this is a highly anticipated event, but a problem can arise when a student does not have much hair to work with or as in the case of little Gianessa Wride, diagnosed with alopecia, has no hair at all.

via: ABC News

Gianessa is a little 7-year-old girl who lives in the town of Salem, in the state of Utah.

One morning while her mother Daniella was helping Gianessa to shampoo her hair, she began to notice that her daughter's hair was falling out. Consequently, in a very short time, little Gianessa had lost all her hair and was completely bald.

Her parents think that the original cause of the hair loss could have been the young girl's very strong distress over the loss of her beloved grandmother. 

Furthermore, one can only imagine what a shock it was for the little girl to be diagnosed with alopecia and to suddenly see herself perhaps even permanently bald, and what's more she did not like bandanas, scarves or wigs at all.

In any case, the days passed and without realizing it the long-awaited, and now, unfortunately, for Gianessa, very much feared, "Crazy Hair Day" had arrived.

Despite her daughter's obvious problem with all things related to hair, Daniella did not lose heart and thought of a truly original idea to allow Gianessa to participate in the event, anyway!

With a little artistic creativity, she decorated Gianessa's head with rhinestones, custom jewelry, and colored stickers, so that she could proudly show off her new look, instead of sitting at home ashamed of what had happened to her.


It is of no surprise that Gianessa won first prize for originality, and also an unspoken one for her courage!

Daniella's gesture served to give her daughter Gianessa confidence and can also serve as an example and inspiration to many other people who like Gianessa have also been diagnosed with alopecia. 

Whatever happens in life, we must never hide for fear of the judgment of others, because concepts like beauty and normality are relative and should not totally define who and what were are.

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